6 August 2020

Best Courses After Electrical Engineering

Electrical Designing & Draughting

After completing Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering, you can opt for courses in Electrical designing which is required almost all the companies related to Electrical Services and mostly required in Building Services, Infrastructures ,Airport etc.


Lighting, Types of light (GLS,FTL, CFL, LED, MVL etc.) and application, Light selection by manual method, CGLux Software,Relux  Software, DIALux Software for Calculation of number of  light fixtures  based on LUX Level.


Types and selection of Ceiling fans in a space as per  Standards, Types and selection of Exhaust Fans Based on Air Changes per Hour, SOCKET DESIGN AS PER NEC CODE.

Power Services

Power Socket Selection, Selection of Motors for Pump House, Selection & applications of Motors for Fire Fighting Pumps, Load Scheduling for (Single House, Apartment, High Rise, Industrial, Commercial Buildings) Common Area, open Area and load Calculations


Brief Description of Conductors, Strands, Cores and insulation of a Cable, Description of Armoured & Un-Armoured Cables, Selection of cables Using BRITISH Standards, Selection of cables Using INDIAN Standards, Selection of Cable Trays. According to US National Electrical Code, Sizing of Conduits, Trunking, Raceways and Trenches. Voltage Drop Calculations Using a) Indian Standards. b) NEC Standards  c) British Standards. Short Circuit calculations  in a Building.

Switch Breakers

A Brief description of Fuse, MCB’s, MCCB’s, Air , Vacuumed, Oil and SF6 Circuit Breakers, Selection of  Circuit Breakers based on International Electro Technical Commission (IEC) & European Standards, Selection of  ELCB.


Description of different types of Panel Boards (MDB, SMDB, SDB…, etc.)


Type, Inter connections and Selection of transformers Depending on Load & losses, Transformer room sizing.


Description of Single line Diagram for Individual, Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Hospitalized Buildings.


Earthing Calculations & Selection of Earthing according to the requirement of buildings.


Introduction to Lightning Arresters and design calculations to adopt Lightning Protection System


Brief Description about the Solar Panel and their Devices Calculations for the Selection of 1) Solar panel. 2)Solar Regulars. 3) Solar Battery and 4) Solar Inverters. Cable Sizing for Solar Panel.


Calculations for the Selection of UPS to Emergency Lighting Services, Calculations for the Selection of UPS to Lifts/ Elevators.


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