NPCC Abu Dhabi Long Term Jobs

NPCC Abu Dhabi Long Term Jobs
Specialist – Electronics / Mechanical
• Technicians – Senior Electronic / Electronic
Operators – Tensioner / CNC
• Mechanics – Chargehand / AC
• Electrician
• Machinist
• Mechanic
Indman on behalf of their prestigious Multinational EPIC Client National Petroleum
Construction Company (NPCC) / National Marine Dredging Company (NMDC) is
looking to hire on immediate basis the following long term positions for their ongoing
and newly awarded projects:
شـركـة الـجـرافـات
الـبـحـريـة الـوطـنـيـة
Please arrange to apply online or visit offices personally along with
latest CVs and credentials for shortlisting and final interviews during
second third week of January 2023.
Locally available jobs aspirants can also apply for Indman to arrange
F2F interviews in UAE.

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